Our Team

“Throughout the entire process, Sorin, Joe and their team were extremely attentive and dedicated. They answered our endless number of questions and requests and were always available to put in the extra effort until we were absolutely satisfied with the finished product.”

– Fred and Le, West 16th Street, Manhattan

Sorin Carciu - President

    Sorin Carciu - President, Above Remodeling Corp.

Expertise: General Construction, Carpentry, Kitchens & Bathrooms

With more than 25 years of experience in the residential remodeling industry, Sorin was at one time the top salesperson for a leading major home improvement company and the head of production for a large kitchen and bathroom company. His main focus is to ensure that each and every ARC client remains completely informed about every step of their project. He is personally involved in ensuring that every project is completed to complete satisfaction. Sorin has a formal education in construction with a Masters Degree in Structures and started out in the industry as a finish carpenter.

“I have had the pleasure of working with you and Sorin, I feel comfortable and share in your confidence that everything will be done according to plan and completed at the time promised.”

– Tonimarie, Flushing, NY Queens Public Television (QPTV)

Joe Nicolich - Vice President

    Joe Nicolich - Vice President Above Remodeling Corp.

Expertise: General Construction, Carpentry, Masonry

With over 20 years of home improvement experience, Joe brings a tremendous scope of knowledge and skill to the table. He honed his skills in brick-laying, concrete, and tile work as an apprentice to a master tile installer, and developed his skills in carpentry when he was a member of the carpenter’s union. He established J&R Superior, specializing in kitchen and bath remodeling. He has also worked as a field supervisor for a major home improvement company, coordinating large renovation projects in the New York City Metro area. Joe’s best quality is that he deeply cares about the outcome of the project and he works hard to keep things moving forward to completion. At the end of the project “everybody loves Joe.”

“Joe is extremely professional and courteous, and responds promptly to every request. He and his men are capable, clean, and thorough in their work. Whenever a question has arisen about any aspect of a job, he has addressed it immediately.”

– Charles, Park Ave, New York

Joanne Nelson - Office Manager, Project Manager

    Joanne Nelson - Office Manager, Project Manager Above Remodeling Corp.

Expertise: Project Scheduling, Co-Op Board Approvals

With excellent communication skills and diligent followup, Joanne, as office manager and project coordinator, deals directly with Above Remodeling customers. She coordinates measures, and schedules appointments with subcontractors and vendors. She is instrumental in obtaining co-op board approvals and scheduling ARC project workflow. Joanne has an excellent reputation for management of day-to-day operations and followup.She is also responsible for working with the ARC sales and marketing teams.

Justine Melody - Customer Service

    Justine Melody - Customer Service, Project Manager Above Remodeling Corp.

Justine’s natural kind demeanor and wonderful work ethic provides incredible service to our customers and provides all around amazing office support. She is instrumental in obtaining co-op board approvals and scheduling Above Remodeling project workflow. Justine assists in all day-to-day operations with the ARC team, sub-contractors and customers.

Ed Borish - Salesperson, Designer

    Ed Borish - Salesperson, Designer Above Remodeling Corp.

Expertise: Kitchens & Bathrooms

Having been involved in countless interior remodeling projects, Ed is well versed in small, medium and large scale renovations including high-end projects. He is extremely knowledgeable about and working with the latest design trends.

Jerry Agostinello - Salesperson, Designer

    Jerry Agostinello - Salesperson, Designer, Above Remodeling Corp.

Expertise: Construction

Jerry has been involved in every aspect of sales and construction from kitchens and bathroom to complete apartment renovations. He has a knack for listening to clients and as a result, builds a great rapport since they are comfortable and confident in working with him.

Tony Lago - Project Managers

    Tony Lago - Project Managers, Above Remodeling Corp.

Tony brings with him over 13 years of hands on experience in the construction business. As an experienced project manager, he is knowledgeable in all areas of home remodeling and new construction. His background allows him to set realistic expectations while walking through the job step-by-step with the client, prior to starting. Tony’s previous experience in apartment buildings gives him a full understanding of what is expected from building management and how to work well with the resident manager/building super. Tony is bilingual with fluency in English and Spanish.

Alberto Suero - Project Managers

    Alberto Suero - Project Managers, Above Remodeling Corp.

Alberto is a versatile engineer with extensive experience in construction field supervision and project management. He has a formal education in construction with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. His interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate professionally with sub-contractors and building supervisors make him a great addition to the ARC team. Alberto is well versed in permits, insurance and building management procedures, ensuring the job starts off properly. In addition, Alberto’s ability to communicate effectively and his organizational skills gives our clients the confidence their project is in good hands. Alberto is bilingual with fluency in English and Spanish.

Wilmer Quezada - Lead Carpenter

    Wilmer Quezada - Lead Carpenter, Above Remodeling Corp.

Wilmer has been with us for 18 years and has brought a tremendous amount of talent and skill to the Above Remodeling team. As our lead carpenter, he ensures expert workmanship and attention to detail by everyone on the job site. Wilmer values our customers and prides himself on building a rapport with each and every one of them. We couldn’t be more proud of his high standards and integrity.